Twitter login on browser-less machine



We want to allow users to use Twitter on our set-top boxes. Some of them have no browser.

We wanted to use xAuth method, but its description vanished from Twitter website, although this submenu is still visible (see Is this method depracated?

The second thought was to use PIN-based authorization. We thought that we will show URL to users, so they can copy it to browser on their mobiles/computers, and type PIN back on STB. But we soon found out that this method is somehow useless, as the URL which user would need to manually type from TV screen to browser is a long alphanumeric hash. This way, user will never log in and post tweets with Twitter on our STBs.

Is there any other possibility for us? We can not use xAuth, we can not use PIN-based method efficiently. Does Twitter support browser-less machines at all?


xAuth is no longer an option for authentication for apps on the platform.


Two options that you can use to work around this.

Run a URL shortener (or using a third-party one). You would get a token, tell the user to go to, they get redirected to Twitter to authorize access and get a PIN to enter back on the set-top box.

Another option is to have a website that users manage their Twitter credentials on their computer/phone. Then they would register the set-top box on that site and the box would be granted access to the Twitter credentials (you would want to provide an API proxy and keep the Twitter credentials on the server).


Good ideas. I’ve seen the first one in use in some tvOS apps that interact with the Twitter API.


Thanks for ideas!
We will need to choose an option that is best suitable for us.