Twitter Login for Mobile app is not working


We are using open id for twitter. We have application called Super app that works in the browser with out any issue. We also Mobile app that can be downloaded in IOS and android platforms. when we try to login through mobile app even though we entered correct twitter credentials the login is not working. we are getting the page that we see when we entered wrong credentials in browser.


What API or library are you using to login on the mobile apps? Are you using Fabric?


We are using Ping Federate Twitter Cloud Identity connector. The happy path will work like below

User navigates to a Web application and chooses to log on using his or her Twitter account.

The browser is redirected to the Twitter Adapter.

The Twitter Adapter requests a request token from Twitter. The Twitter Adapter callback URL is passed as a parameter with this request. Twitter returns the request token.

The PingFederate server redirects the user to Twitter for authentication, including the request token as a parameter. A list of requested permissions is provided in this call.

If the user is not already logged on, Twitter challenges the user to authenticate. Twitter authenticates the user and provides a consent page for the user to authorize the sharing of information. Once the user authorizes, Twitter redirects the browser to the Twitter Adapter callback URL with a verification code.

If the user does not authenticate, an error is returned rather than the verification code.

The Adapter makes an HTTP request to Twitter to obtain an access token, sending the request token and verification code as parameters. Twitter validates these components and returns an access token.

The Adapter uses the access token to retrieve user information from Twitter, and Twitter returns the user information.

The Adapter redirects the user to the Web application with the user attributes.

you can find full details of how it works on


All above steps working good in Browser, we have issues only in mobile app.


Did you make any chnage recently?
recently in case of unsuccessful login we get the error page which was not present before and it is not like the expected result. If you need screen shots please let us know. Is there any way you can work with us and our developers on this issue?


I’m afraid I’m not familiar with this application or code - I’d suggest seeing what the different flow is between mobile browser and desktop browser when authenticating with Twitter.