Twitter login does not redirect to return url after login success


I use php to create the website and allow user to use twitter to login.

After I finish the login testing with my twitter account or any other twitter account in the testing server, I move the code from the testing server to production server. Then I test it again in the production server. The strange thing happen.

I can use my twitter account to login twitter in the production server. It will redirect to my production server successfully.

But I use any other twitter account to login twitter, it will not redirect to my production server return url. It will redirect to twitter login page, with a logined account show in the twitter topbar. The account username will show in the username input box in the login area without password. So I believe the login action is success. It just not redirect to my production server.

I really don’t know why this can happen…

(new status after two hours ago)

I use another account to test the login system, still cannot redirect to production server. Then I use this account to login twitter, revoke the application access in the apps setting. I login again in my production server and it redirect successfully.

What is this and why it happen?