Twitter login does not redirect to callback URL for a specific user



I have two users for testing purposes, one is the owner of the application and the other is my personal one.

My personal account is able to login perfectly fine however the owner account follows all the same steps and seems to validate the user at, but rather than say it will redirect back to the application and do so a few moments latter when you login, it stays on the:

“Authorize AppName to use your account?

(Only this time without the login details to be filled out and without the oauth_token in the URL).

Once here, no matter how many times I click on Signin, it does not redirect, however the cancel button does work correctly.


We’ve heard reports of this rare issue before but are unable to reproduce. Has your application ever changed permission levels (such as from read-only to read-write or from read-write to read-write + DMs)?

You may need to send this specific user through the oauth/authorize flow to upgrade their token, if so.


Thanks, that appears to have solved it.


@episod I had the same issue, where the user would sit on the authorization screen and not be redirected to the application. It indeed had to do with changing the permission levels of the application. Thanks for the answer!