Twitter list wiget keep making error boxes


I added a list widget in my website from
Sometime it makes errors, so IE users get error boxes from my web site. The widget runs inside iframe, I cannot suppress error box.

Error box looks like this: (It’s Korean)

If I translate it:
line: 1
character: 16
error: ‘;’ is needed
code: 0

Did I make some mistake inserting widget? Or is it Twitter’s problem?


The error in your screenshot looks like the Search widget instead of the List widget you linked to. This may be a side effect of a current intermittent issue with JSONP callbacks on the Search API. Can you share a link to the page where you’re running this widget?


Yes, I misunderstood, that was Search widget. The link to my page is It makes errors irregularly, so you may wait for some time.


Widget on our website. I create a new widget on our website, but the “twitter” logo on the left side from the box has an error. What is the problem?


The image for the logo has some transparency but generally shouldn’t come out looking like it does on your site. Did you get/configure the widget directly from ?


Yes i get the widget directly from twitter. What can I do?