Twitter linked to another company with my name and their email


Sorry to post this here, but I keep getting a loop saying that the email used for the account is not the same, but that is the issue!

My username is jeaninebuckley, my emails are [hidden], or [hidden]

My business is lapalettebnb, however, the other company with this same name is in Taiwan, and their email is [hidden], so this is the email associated with this account, which needs to be changed to mine. I have contacted them and they have agreed to do this, however, they don’t speak English very well and have asked me to tell them how to do this. Is there an easy way to just give me very temporary access to change the email and then fix this issue!

Here is the link to our Boston BNB which needs to be deleted or edited to update it to our French location.

I appreciate your help and my apologies for posting here, but I couldn’t find anywhere else to do it.

Jeanine Buckley
Frustrated owner of LaPaletteBNB with outdated address online trying to get people to find her in France! (not Taiwan)


Unfortunately we cannot help you via these forums as we do not have any access to user account information. You’ll need to use our Support pages and forms to get assistance from the correct team. Thanks.


The problem is that my answer doesn’t fit in any of the categories and there is no open-ended response. And when I input my email, it keeps telling me that it’s not the right email associated with the account WHICH IS THE PROBLEM. So I keep going over and over through the same loop. I need to speak with a specific person or at least have an email like that I can send my issue to!


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