Twitter Large Image won't display - Will trade solution for coffee


I too am having the issue where My page validates fine showing the image I describe in my Meta tag. But when I click the button on the page. The tweet does not display the image nor does it tweet it if I post the tweet.
Here is my test page:

I have been struggling with this for a few days now and would buy someone a cup of special coffee :slight_smile: if they can help me out! I have checked the troubleshooting guide a few times… I don’t see a problem…
I see the image next to the tweet HERE ABOVE when I embed the URL in this post… ODD… but I do NOT see it nor do my coworkers when we click the link on the page itself…


ANY advice here on the Large Image not being picked up event though it is in my meta tags?


Still hoping for some help on Large Images not displaying.


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