Twitter Kit Unity: Success Callback?



I just implemented the Fabric Twitter for Unity, and it appears to be working. Inside my app, the Twitter dialog comes up, shows my chosen image and lets me type a message. After I press TWEET IT, the dialog closes. The tweet does not show up on twitter, but I assume that’s because I haven’t applied for whitelisting yet, so not a problem there.

Now my main question is this:
How do I know whether the user actually uploaded the tweet? I need some kind of callback to let me know if the user cancels or the upload fails.


Hey @Echtzeit001,

Currently there isn’t a callback yet for the Twitter and Unity integration, though it’s something we’re planning on. If you’d like I keep you updated on any news on this!


Yes @bonnell please keep me updated on it, that would be great!

I like that your plugin is very straightforward and doesn’t take hours of reading convoluted documentation to get it running. It’s just that one little feature that’s missing for us :grinning:


Will do @Echtzeit001!