Twitter Kit for iOS Objective C Installation Problems. TwitterKit errors and issues



I followed the instruction of Install Twitter Kit Manually (Objective C) Did all the steps:

  1. Downloaded and unzip Twitter Kit.
  2. Draged contents to the root of your project in Xcode, and made sure ‘Copy items if needed’ is checked Twitter Kit is added on the root as written in the offical installation steps
  3. Initialized the kit inside AppDelegate (with valid key and secret as described)
  4. Modified Info.Plist entries as described

=> Trying to compile it gives run me into ‘next step issues’ / error:

Screenshots of the issues and errors, and my steps and where I stack:

(I tried it several times…)

Some step(s) seam(s) to be missing? Thanks for inputs on that.


We recently updated the installation page, as manual download flow required few more steps.

  1. Add TwitterKit to “Embedded Binaries” in your Xcode project settings
  2. Add TwitterKit and TwitterCore to “Linked Frameworks and Libraries” in your Xcode project settings

Let us know if you still have issues after these steps. Thanks!