Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0 upgrade information



We’re excited to announce the release of Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0. This release includes a number of enhancements and fixes which we’ve highlighted in our blog post.

It is important to note that Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0 support iOS 8+. Please hold off from upgrading to 2.0 if your project needs to be built for iOS versions less than 8.0.

Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0 include a number of new and deprecated methods that must be taken into consideration when upgrading from 1.x. You can find upgrade instructions and a list of method changes on:

Twitter Kit:

A full list of changes can be found in our change log:

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What about Android?


Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0 for Android haven’t been released yet. Checkout our changelog to view current versions: