Twitter Kit 2.4 for iOS



Hi everyone!

We’re pleased to release Twitter Kit for iOS v2.4. You can install the update today, from the Fabric app or CocoaPods. This update includes a whole set of improvements behind the scenes in our Tweet and Timeline views, plus some bug fixes.

  • Search timelines can now filter sensitive Tweets through the TWTRSearchTimelineDataSource class. This makes our safe-search filter feature available to publishers on iOS.
  • While we continue to support Collections, profiles, lists and search out-of-box, now you can also implement your own data source classes for display in our timeline view, unlocking Twitter’s other timeline APIs with Twitter Kit.
  • New notification hooks allow you to know when timeline loading and updating state changes, allowing you to control your own loading animations.
  • New notification hooks are available for video playback, pause and finishing, and for presentation and dismissal of our full-screen video player, allowing you to control other parts of your app in response to user interaction—such as your preferred technique for ducking sound.
  • You can now access the tweet property of a TWTRTweetView class, enabling you to interact with underlying Tweet data when working with UI.

You can find a full breakdown of these updates in the Twitter Kit changelog. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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