Twitter keeps resetting my access token, can't use the REST API


It is now the 5th time in 1 week, that twitter resets my access token, and my app always exists with error code 89 (The access token used in the request is incorrect or has expired. Used in API v1.1).

When I enter, select my application, it says, that I haven’t generated an access token yet to my application, I then generate an access token, set it to be used by my script, it works fine for a few hours, or a few days, then bang, error 89 again, and when I reenter it says once again, that I haven’t generated an access token yet.

This is very frustrating, what could be the problem here?

Token expiry issue

Hello, any comment here?
Thank you.


Even we’re facing this issue in our app. For some users token is expiring every now and then. Anyone has a logical explanation on this?


Did you guys figure out what is the reason for access token resetting?