Twitter Javascript code not working on web site with ipad


Have a web site that contains, on home page, four iframes … one of which displays our twitter feed. Using this redacted code.

Tweets by @_________

Under Chrome, IE, Firefox it works fine.

We are not an Apple shop.

Suddenly an iPad user tells me our home page is all distorted as our Twitter iframe is vertically expanded from about 300px high to 900 or more.

I find an iPad and sure enough we see the problem. Our code seems not to be the problem.

We remove the Twitter code and iframe works fine.

For now, looking for “AppleKit” and “Safari” and NO “Windows” reference in the browser agent and null the Twitter window.

But need a fix. Is there a different version of the above code that renders properly under iPad?


I have the exact same problem. Any update on this?


Me too, I am having the same problem. The Twitter feed appears blank on the iPad. I did a search in Google and nobody have an answer to resolve this issue? I guess Twitter haven’t made it compatible on iPads.


There is currently a known problem with embedded timelines on iOS when the timeline is in a table.
The only work-around I know of is to not put it in a table.


Wow, it works on the iPad now! I taken the code out of the table and put in div layer tag. Thank you so much!


Hi doesn’t like the code just being in a table or cell. Put it in a div container as below and IT WILL WORK!

Tweets by @you