Twitter is serving a Player Card, when I specified a Summary Card


I am switching to use the summary card rather than the player card (my domain and setup is validated and approved already). However, Twitter is still creating a Player Card when I share.

Example link:

As you can see, I added the ?twitter_endpoint=summary param to test the Summary Card before rolling it out to everyone. Removing this param configures the twitter meta tags to use the Video Card.


The card validator ( gives you an error concerning twitter:description:
The value of this tag should not be identical to the value of twitter:title tag


The above URL now passes the validator, but is still displaying the player card, not the summary card.


Hi Bloomberg Dev!

Can you try this to reset our cache?


In the end I just bit the bullet and deployed my code without testing first with a debug param in the URL. I don’t like this workflow for obvious reasons, but fortunately I got it right the first time. @rchoi thanks for that tip, I’m bookmarking it for future reference.