Twitter is not working overall;


I have been logged in correctly, but twitter appears quite slow. In addition, I cannot compose any tweets. You also cannot access any profiles (new followers, following, celebrities) I would also like to add on that when I type a letter in the search tab it doesn’t come up with any results, or profiles.

I would just like a reply, into knowing what is causing this and possibly fix it?

The day before it was working fine, and now I don’t know what is happening!

I need to update my account and tweet!

Thank you!


I understand!! OMG !! This is happening on my laptop too!! some websites tell me to get Google Chrome but my Administrator had advised me not to get Chrome so I use Internet Explorer 10 also Mozilla FireFOX. I am getting tired of this. Twitter needs to sort itself out!!! I am getting reall MAD!! I can’t believe it!! WHYYYYY!!! Please sort this Immediately or someone give solutions!!


I cant do with it!! It happened to me 2 days ago. Please sort this out Twitter or you will lose a few Twitter USERS, everyone is getting sick OF IT!!