Twitter iOS App - allow inline video playback in Twitter browser on iOS 10



Hi there! We’re having a small problem with iOS 10 and webview: our videos must be shown inline so they can be interacted with ─we work with interactive videos. When the URL containing the embedded interactive video is opened from the browser it works fine, but when some user opens that URL directly from a tweet (example: it’s opened with a WebView and doesn´t show the video inline.

Our iOS department told us that there is a parameter that must be activated from the application: _webView.allowsInlineMediaPlayback = YES;

Could this be possible? Is there a solution? For the moment we are forced to show a screen asking the user to copy the link and paste it in Safari Browser.

Thank you!


For video content, you could use a Player card - it does not look like you have configured one on the link you shared in that Tweet.

However, note that interactive content is not supported in a Player card, so you may be better continuing to share the way that you’re doing today.


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