Twitter intents still at 140 characters?


Hi all. We use a product called Experiences from social media management system Spredfast that allows a company to display social media posts in a really pretty graphical way like a slideshow or an always-running feed that shows posts using a hashtag, etc. These are really fun and great at trade shows, etc. One issue that came up in January was that when Twitter expanded to 280 characters, the Experiences tool did not. So longer tweets are getting cut off mid-tweet on our pretty slideshow. Tweets that are shorter than 140 characters still display fine. When we pushed Spredfast on this issue, they basically said it’s a limitation on the Twitter side of the house. Here’s exactly what they said: “Twitter “intents” is a service provided from Twitter itself. Experiences uses that in this scenario. However, Twitter itself has not updated this feature, so it is still limited to 140 characters. As soon as Twitter updates this feature, it will be automatically included in Experiences.” Can anyone here help me with any info about whether this is something that will be fixed any time soon? Also, I’ll play a newbie card here - I’m not a developer really so if you can explain it in “fourth grader” parlance, that would be helpful! Thank you.


Hi @sueserna,

The Tweet Intent supports 280 character Tweets. I’m not sure how that would be impacting Tweet displays though, so if you can provide more details and screenshots about what might not be working I’d be happy to look into it further!

Also feel free to have Spredfast reach out to us directly through these forums.


Thanks very much @evansobkowicz. Appreciate the reply. Can I DM you a link so you can see what I’m talking about?


You can just post the link here and I can take a look.


Thanks. I DMed you. Sorry. But I don’t want to post the link publicly because it’s not intended for external audiences. Thanks

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