Twitter intent callback broken for Chrome on iTouch


I recently added Tweet Intent to my website and was testing it with different devices. While testing I found that Twitter Intent doesn’t fire a callback on Chrome on iTouch. Also it doesn’t close the Twttier intent page automatically. Where as for the same device, it worked when I used Safari (intent window closed and callback fired).

Is there a known problem with Twitter Intent on Chrome+iTouch? Any help will be appreciated!



Hi Nikhil.

I’ve not had a chance to deeply investigate yet, but I’m under the impression that Chrome on iOS does not support the PostMessage browser API between separate tabs/windows, which would prevent any intent event messages being passed around. It seems odd, but is likely a limitation of iOS’s web views. Regrettably it’s unlikely we can do anything to provide the feature unless Google add a compatible API to their browser.



A related bug to track is this one:, concerning parent windows between webviews in Chrome/iOS. It doesn’t look positive it can be fixed.


Thanks Ben, you saved my time! I’ll track the bug.
Sincerely appreciate you taking time out for reply.



Hey guys,

Would anyone have a recommended workaround to this issue? I guess Google Chrome still doesn’t have a fix after a few years.

If anyone can recommend anything it’d be much appreciated.