Twitter: Include The Tweet ID In The Query String of a URL In The Tweet


I am trying to create a URL that will be shared in a tweet (I’m going to be defaulting this into the text used by the tweet button embedded on a webpage) that references the tweet that it is included in, so that the page the URL is referencing can refer back to the original tweet.

I know this is a bit of a chicken and egg question, since the Tweet ID doesn’t exist until the tweet is created, but I was hoping twitter had some kind of ‘tweet id token’ that I can include in the tweet that will be replaced by Twitter once the tweet is created. I’ve looked through the API as best as I could and have not been able to find any such feature.

Am I missing something, or has someone found another way to accomplish this?


This isn’t possible – what’s the goal you’re trying to accomplish ultimately though? Why do you want to create a tweet that contains the ID of the tweet within a URL within the tweet? Perhaps there’s an alternate method to accomplish what you’re after.


Ultimately, I’m trying to capture the details of a tweet onto the page that the tweet is linking to, so I can display the twitter user id and original tweet text of the person who originally shared the webpage they’re tweeting from (using the tweet button/widget for webpages).

The reason I want to have the twitter user id is so someone can reply back to the original user. The page the user would be sharing/tweeting is a detail page (for an item listing) for a web app I’m working on. So communication between the original sharer/poster/creator of the detail page is what I’m trying to accomplish without having to explicitly ask the original user to store their twitter id on my web app.

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