Twitter impressions dropped


yesterday I updated my twitter cards with “summary_large_image” and today I have seen a drop around 60% of my impressions, with or without tags.

Is it normal?
My page:


Hello. It sounds like you’re working with non-ads cards. Is that correct?


I dont have any ads cards, what are they? I use twitter cards in the code of website, to set appeareance on twitter
In the news website i have Twitter meta tags

today the impressions returned to standard


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This forum is for discussion of issues relating to the Twitter developer platform. If your cards are not rendering then we may be able to help you troubleshoot. “Impressions” are unrelated to this, and may well vary day to day, but this is not something we can assist with here.


where should I post that?


There’s no specific support channel for an issue with Tweet impressions. If you are an advertiser you could use the Help link on the Ads dashboard; otherwise, every other sort of question would go via Thank you.

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