twitter:Image; twitter:description, not shown when it shared to twitter from my page



From this page(, I am trying to share the link to twitter,

I used to validate my card,

and I got success,

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 28 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully

and In preview, I got what ever i expected.

But When I do actual share from the page, only link is posted in twitter.(With out image, description, type…)

Could you please help??


twitter:Image; twitter:description, not showing when posted in twitter

The card does not show in the web Tweet compose window. It shows up fine once the Tweet is posted.


Same issue here,
The validator fetches the correct preview but preview not generated for every post,the thumbnail image is missing most of the time.
There are twitter meta tags and also the site is accessible by the Twitterbot/1.0 user-agent .
I don’t understand why some posts works and the others doesn’t.
Twitter account :
Could you help me to find out and solve this problem?


I just checked the first link I found in one of your Tweets and there is no twitter:image or og:image property specified in the page, so there is no image to display.


There is both twitter:image and og:image property in tweeted link .
The validator fetches the correct preview when i tested the url at validator. But no preview generated on twitter.


That’s odd, I didn’t see one previously. The URL I investigated does appear to show a card when Tweeted.


Ya,certainly .
I don’t understand why link preview doesn’t appear in some tweets.
But validator fetches the correct preview for every tweets!!!
The title and description for every tweets appears as expected.

The preview generates correctly ,if tweeted again after validating at . But not for every tweets, besides this can’t be done for all the tweets.
So please help.


Hi andypiper,

Thanks for the reply. Its working

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