Twitter icon does not show


pasted your html and javascript code into a web site and the twitter icon does not show under IE or FireFox latest versions. Tried various vcersions offered on your sites.


Which HTML and Javascript did you paste in? What kind of web site did you paste it into? What Twitter icon does not show?

Follow @twitter I tried some other versions you offer on your website. None of them show a twitter icon as advertised on the page, e.g.


What do you see? What kind of site are you putting this into?


the text and no icon (as mentioned in my first post). It is supposed to look like the icon at the bottom of this page.


the web site is entirely simple html. Like if I add a PayPal button it appears without any problem but they don’t use complex js, a simple link to an image is more reliable.


I am having the same problem and this is driving me crazy! WordPress platform, widget, it’s a matter on Twitter’s end, definitely not mine.


If you are building the webpage on your local machine (your pc) and have not uploaded it to your web domain then the widgets will probably only display the text, once you’ve put the page online the widgets will show up ok. (this happens for me anyway) However not being able to preview the widgets positioning and end result is crap if you are a web designer.
Does anyone know a solution to this?


Run a local web server. The buttons should render if you access them via a http:// url.


I have this issue with firefox latest verison. Twitter share button alone does not display


I have the same issue. “Tweet” and “Follow” “buttons” show as plain text in Firefox (vsn 8 and vsn 12). They display with icons as they should in Safari, IE9 and Chrome. Javascript is enabled in my FF browser and I am accessing the site from the web. Go to www dot pure gold granola dot com - in Firefox and see if it looks right to you. Let me know the results and what version of FF.
Anyone know how to fix this? PHP site. Generated the button on twitter site and copied/pasted code they gave me. Exact same code works in IE, Safari and Chrome; not in FF.


I too am having this same issue, but other twitter icons in my browser cache are still showing, so I think it’s just not downloading the image for this new tweet code… the same code the OP pasted.

Also, when I click on the text-only tweet link, it takes me to the plain tweet page.


Hello I recived this code from Twitter but my web site wont allow the script :frowning: what can I do ?? here is the code I recived
Follow @AceDating

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:


For me, it turned out to be AVG (antivirus program); it has a “do not track” feature and it was blocking the twitter button. Once I unblocked it the icons showed up.




it’s fully working the above code…