Twitter 'history' won't load right


The best way I can explain this is that my twitter ‘history’ (the part you see when you log into itself (while logged in) and see all of your tweeting past of your own and those you are following). What I have happening is I can tweet, I can go to EVERY page other then this first page and everything works the way it does. When I tweet, my new tweets are now at the top and everything under still sits in this damn ‘loading’ circle.

I’ve messaged twitter contact, got a message of a typical text book reply of what to do if you can’t tweet but I CAN tweet… what I can’t do is see anything of my OLD tweets or anything that might be going on currently with anyone I am following.

Someone help! Please?! This was working earlier this week and then boom, it won’t work right… and kind of the most important part of twitter… the main page!!


So your home timeline is blank / empty? which browser are you using?