Twitter Historical/ Past Days Data Pull



Hi Twitter Team,

Could you please help to understand how we can pull the past Days/historical data ?

Few Questions if can answer,

  1. How far we can go to get historical data (#yrs /months / days)
  2. How many days data we can pull into Single API calls (# days /# months) ??
  3. best approach to pull historical data
    4)what are the changes we have to do compare to our daily calls (except - Start Data and End Date) into API call ?


Hi there - can you clarify that this is a question related to the Twitter Ads API?


Hi @andypiper,

Yes, this is related to twitter Ads Api…


hi @andypiper

Any update ? Quick response will highly appreciated.


  1. There is no restriction on how far back you can go. Just remember that you’ll want to request data for a time period during which your campaign was active.
  2. This documentation has that information and more.
  3. For historical data, we suggest using the POST /1/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id endpoint.
  4. Not sure what you mean here. Could you please clarify?