Twitter Historical Data for Master's Thesis Research


Hello! I am a Master’s student from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam and am conducting research into archival Twitter data in order to predict the success of new products. For this, I need access to historical tweet data. The problem is all I can find is access to data from the past 7-30 days. As my research requires tweets that may be years old, this is a problem for me.

If you have any advice, guidance, or even a tip in which direction I should look, it would be an enormous help to me! Thank you in advance.




Hello @RossMarkey,

I suggest that you check out our Premium full-archive search product. It should get you the information that you need.

You can apply for access to this product at this link.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi LeBraat,

Thanks for your response! I have applied for access, and I am now on the wait-list. Can you give any indication as to how long this wait-list is? For example, can I expect to hear back within a few days, or will it be months? Because, if it is is the latter then I will need to explore other options. Also, I could not find any indication about how much access will cost?

Thanks again for your help!




For pricing information, go here and hit the Select button on the column you’re interested in.

We’re not able to provide insight into the waitlist at the moment, but if you filled in your use case information fully then it should be possible to review fairly soon. If any information is missing it may take longer.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the quick response. Just to clarify a few things…

For the sandbox version, access is free and includes 50 requests per month. Each request can return up to 100 tweets. Thus, I can extract 5,000 tweets per month. Is this correct?

Likewise, for the premium version, access is paid per month based on the number of requests I want to make each month. For the lowest cost option of $99, I can make up to 100 requests with each request containing up to 500 tweets. Thus, I can extract 50,000 tweets per month at this price level. Is this correct?

Thanks again!



Those are both correct statements, yes.


Great, thanks. If my application is approved for the free version, and I need more tweets later on, is it easy to upgrade to the paid version of $99?

Also, will I get to preview the results of my request before it is finalized? My worry is that while trying to fine-tune the parameters I need to fit my research, I will waste several of my requests which generate data that is not useful to my research. Is there some way around this?




There’s no preview option I’m afraid. The upgrade process is pretty straightforward assuming you have a credit card that can be enrolled.


Great, thanks!

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