Twitter Hashtag search api



I am working on fetching photos via hashtags, but the problem is that I am able to fetch only limited numbers of tweets (around 5 to 10 only ) although there are lots of images against the tag, I tried all of the parameters but no success. Here is code

$url = ‘’;
$requestMethod = ‘GET’;
$getfield = ‘?q=#tag&result_type=mixed&until=2020-09-01&count=100’;

Can someone point out what I am missing and how to resolve that.

Thanks in advance


What is the hashtag you’re using? Are you aware that the search API will only serve up around 7 days of results - so older Tweets with the hashtag will not appear in your result set.



this is the tag I am using, plus is there any way to pull only images and for all users, currently it is pulling the tweets of one user only.


Within the last 7 days I can only find Tweets with images that include that hashtag from one user, and there are only a couple of them.

Use “#apresyoga filter:images” to only get Tweets with images in your search.



If we want to pull more images than what to do?
Secondly I used the filter but that does not work and gave the null result set.


The search API only returns a few results and there are no plans currently to extend that, as far as I know of.


I used the filter:images but that does not work too and gave the null result set.


I just tried

$ twurl "/1.1/search/tweets.json?q=#apresyoga filter:images"

Works fine, with a few Tweets returned.

If you want more images, either Tweet more on the hashtag, or broaden your search terms.


Can you please tell which api you are using and I am facing connection issue now. If you send the code snippet, it will be a great help.


This is calling search/tweets.json