Twitter has mass blacklisted my ISP server company. Cannot use even as a first time user


Hello, i use the invision power board suite for my website, and it came to my attention users could not use the login / link their profiles to twitter. So i decided to set this up. After several attempts to get this working, i reached out to IPB for help…

They told me to check with my host to make sure its not blocking twitters

After reaching out to my host, this was their response:

Unfortunately, Twitter is not supported on our servers at the moment. Twitter administrators have blacklisted our IPs which results in various issues with communication between our servers and theirs and do not seem to be responding to our queries.

Please contact us if you have further questions, comments or concerns.

What can i do, is there an exception my IP address can be taken off the blacklist? I dont feel this is fair, for a small site like mine to be penalised for having done nothing but pay my regular hosting fee