Twitter handle "investors"?


Hello everyone,

Someone took the Twitter handle of my new startup just a few days after I registered my domain name, and never used it since. What are my chances of getting that name from Twitter now? After 6 months? Ever?

I know, it’s myself to blame to not have secured the name at the first chance. However I despise this behavior and hence won’t pay a penny for this handle (and encourage this “business model”). I’d love to hear suggestions on the variations that web startups commonly use when their names are not available in Twitter.

Thank you.


is there a minimum time out for a dormant account?

I’d love to utilise the handle @politicalchat that someone set up soem time ago and has never posted anythign from (and only has 3 followers 1 of which is me).

I’ve posted a few @Messages to them but no one has ever responded.


thank you