Twitter handle incorrect in Cards meta data from site. Is this something that Twitter can correct, or do I need to talk to WordPress?


A couple of months ago I changed my twitter handle. I am now learning about Twitter Cards, and I notice that my blog meta entries are being encoded with the my old Twitter handle, instead of the new one.

Is this a Twitter related issue, or a related issue? I’ve been through all of my WP settings, and can’t find any reference to the old user name anywhere.

Here is the most recent post, with the wrong metadata


Hi David, sorry to hear about this issue. Have you checked in settings, under Sharing, where you can connect your Twitter account - maybe try removing and re-adding your account there as a starting point? Lower down that same settings page, you’ll find “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button.” which you will want to change too, that should fix the Tweet button underneath your posts.