Twitter hacked accounts policy Via Twitter For iPhone or Android


One my of other twitter accounts got hacked @FryNotsure with over 450,000 followers the person revoked access to Twitter for iPhone app that was attached to my account i had l the last last associated email address i had with my acccount as proof verify account ownership of my account. filed a ticket

received an email saying


You would need to tweet from the official Twitter iPhone or Android app from the account you are trying to access. Please tweet an @reply to me (@JessUnicorn) with your ticket number (#6246835).

After you’ve done this, please respond to this ticket letting me know what email address you would like associated with the account.



Dosen’t make any sense how is a user supposed to recover a hacked or compromised twitter account if the person has changed the email address to one you didn’t authorize or revoked access to Twitter for iPhone app or Twitter for Android app ?


Hi my one of my twitter got hacked and can’t get it back do you know any app for iPhone I can hack it back