Twitter GET statuses/user_timeline problem


I am creating app in java for twitter. I have noticed, that Get user_timeline method does not worked properly for me. Many tweets are downloaded without endings: i see ‘…’ three dots in the end. However, when i look to the twitter account, i can find this tweet fully without any dots. I watched to JSON responce query from twitter, and even there i find these three dots, but not complete tweet, like this:

“id_str”:“266963260966854656”,“text”:“RT @twins37MOM: @CoryBooker I lve in Nwk, I wrk in Nwk, I pay taxes, I send my kids to skol in Nwk. Theres no food inda house due to sto …”,“source”:“web”,

First i used twitter4j library. I have noticed this thing even there. Now i am using only scribe for OAuth, and other things i write myself. But the problem is the same. This situations were on different OS (windows 7, windows 8, debian linux).

Please, help me.

PS However when i tried to do this in twitter console it worked nice and properly.


The tweets that appear truncated are likely native retweets. Native retweets have a retweeted_status node within them, along with a child text node under that. That’s the field you want to use for the tweet text of retweets.