Twitter GardenHose Public Streaming API stop working


Hi Twitter,

I have been using Twitter GardenHose API for years.
But on 4 Dec 2013, we haven’t receive any more results and got (401) Unauthorized error.
There’s must be something is wrong my account or the API. I’m looking forward for help from Twitter.

Thank you very much,


There was recently a review of all accounts with elevated streaming API access. You should have gotten an email asking you to explain how you’re using your elevated access a number of weeks ago. The email would have been sent to the email associated with your request for elevated streaming access – an email that could be outdated or no longer monitored. You can reach out to our platform operations team to re-request access using

Be sure and describe how you’re using your elevated access today. Also, it would be wise to begin using OAuth 1.0A when connecting to the Streaming API. Basic Auth is deprecated and currently only usable by those with elevated streaming roles, but that won’t continue forever.


Thank you,
We just realize that this account email is outdated for a while. I have updated a new email for this account.
So you mean that we have to switch to OAuth 1.0A in order to keep using Twitter GardenHose?


Yes, eventually you will be required to use OAuth 1.0A to connect. I would recommend doing that work sooner than later.


I just request to elevate our account today.
Do you know how long does it take for us to make it work as usual again (with the old authentication)?
We have a plan to upgrade our crawler to use the new Authentication but it’s not going to happen now.