Twitter for Educators: New guide for educators who are teaching with Twitter APIs


This afternoon, we published a new playbook for educators working with our Twitter APIs in their classrooms. We recently introduced a new way for all developers to request access to Twitter’s APIs to increase accountability for apps building on our platform. We’ve since recognized that these new requirements have led to confusion and concerns from those teaching with our APIs, especially in regards to understanding how to help their students get access.

After speaking with several educators over the last few weeks, we’ve built out a guide including FAQs and steps for getting access to provide clarity so that they can easily get their classrooms ready for the year.

While we acknowledge the current process is not perfect, this guide is a first step to help educators and their students continue to build on Twitter in the classroom. We are continuing to think about and gather feedback on how we can make this experience better. We wish you a terrific school year.

You can find the Twitter for Educators playbook here.

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