Twitter for Android - compose twitter without the Twitter app installed


I am having a hard time understanding the purpose of the Twitter SDK, it seems like it can’t work properly if the Twitter app is not installed on the phone.
But the log-in part is working fine, you get to log into Twitter from inside your app, using the capabilities of the SDK, but when I try to compose a Tweet the way it’s shown in the documentations, it opens up a browser outside my app…

So, is there a way to compose a tweet using only the SDK and without opening 3rd party browser app?


The TweetComposer in Twitter Kit supports two modes of operation - either invoking the native Twitter app if it is installed, or going through a browser-based web flow.


Yes I can see that, and I am asking if there is a way to invoke a native Twitter posting WITHOUT having the twitter app installed


No, those are the two modes of operation supported. Unlike on iOS, there is no native social framework in Android so we depend on the Twitter app being installed to get the Composer, and fall back to the web version otherwise.