Twitter Fonts


What print font is used for Twitter and its logos, etc.?


Hi Quentin,

Most of our interfaces are set in Helvetica (Georgia for permalink page Tweet text), although I think the most recent Android client uses Roboto for system consistency, and the Windows 8 app uses Segue UI as per Windows 8 standards. The typeface we use alongside the Twitter bird sometimes is Gotham Narrow, which is also used on physical printed materials, I think. All other branding info can be found on



The branding can be found here:

The link of @benward is no longer active and links to a regular Twitter user.



Could someone pls tell me that which font is being used in the twitter for android version 5.2.3 application? I love that font and I want to put it as my default font for my mails and messages and all other communication. Somebody pls help!!