Twitter followers shown correctly, not twitter friends? # of friends is different, between API results and the Twitter profile page


For my research I got 10 user ids and found their following friends and followers from the Twitter profile using
I downloaded the same info from an API I wrote.
As shown in a chart here,
the two results were the same except seven areas: the count of 6 following (yellow marked in the picture attached) and 1 follower (cyan marked) came out 0 when I got them through API, even though there were non-zero numbers for them on the Twitter profile pages. That’s what happened yesterday.

When I tried to do it again, today, I got the same friend IDs, 17874544 57963332 17093617 23060343 813286 20713061 287413569 58379000 50055701, regardless of the id I entered for $api_call = “'364531155&cursor=$string_int”;

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