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I’m new to the twitter API. As an exercise, I am trying to access all of my followers.
count and cursor seem to have no effect. If I make a call like this:


I only retrieve 20 followers and the cursor does not seem to work.

Setting the cursor to the next_cursor id returns the exact same data set.


I’m not able to find any documentation explaining this. Is this a limitation to the standard twitter API?


Hi @nomad_innewyork - are you sure you’re using the right next_cursor_number?

The fact that you’re getting the exact same data set would suggest that you are using the same next_cursor_number over and over again. Note that although these next_cursor_number may look similar, each one of these numbers is unique and different for each ‘page’ of data.


Thanks. Yes, I was using the same next_cursor_number. When I hit the end of the follower list, the api sent the same next_cursor_number instead of 0. There were 23 followers but 3 of them were private.

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