Twitter followers API, Rate Limit increase and sort by Location. Also, how to get coordinates instead of Location String?



I am facing following problems while developing:

  1. The followers API has rate limit of 20 at a time and after 15 calls it does’t process any request, So how to increase the rate limit.

  2. Second problem is that the location of follower is string in API response, so i have to call google’s Geocoder API multiple times as the result it is getting slow , Is there any method to get location in coordinates instead of string ?

  3. Can we sort followers according to location ?

Please suggest for the above mentioned points. Do we have to do a Partnership with Twitter ? if yes, then how ? or we have to pay Twitter for the same.

Your suggestions & answers will be of great help.

Thanks & Regards,
Prabhunath Tiwari


The rate-limits are low on that endpoint, but you can use the count parameter to retrieve more at a time. You can also use the users/lookup endpoint to retrieve user data in larger batches to make this more efficient.

The location in the User object is always a string. In Tweets, it may be coordinates or a place object.

No, there’s no way to do that.