Twitter Follow Callback not working on mobile


We’re running into this issue today, and we found the exact same issue someone posted about on Stackoverflow but there were no responses. The Twitter Follow button callback does not work on mobile. On desktop it works properly. Does anyone have a solution to this?


Hey there,

Would love to help out on this! Are also using JS as mentioned in the SO post or are you using Fabric? If so, which language are you using and what version of the Twitter Kit are you on?

Finally, can you let me know if you’re seeing any errors when using the Follow callback or not getting a response back?



Hi @bonnell,

We have the same exact implementation as mentioned in the SO post. There are no errors when using the follow callback, it’s just that on mobile, the callback never occurs. On desktop, it works perfectly fine.

When clicking the follow button on mobile, it opens in a new tab. In comparison, when clicking the tweet button on mobile it opens in a popup that closes after a successful tweet and we receive a response back for the callback.

I’m going to assume that the fact that the follow button is opening in a new tab on mobile is what is causing the issue.


Any word on this issue?


I’ve been digging in with the team on this and there is an issue with Safari currently and the team will take a look into it.



@bonnell any update on this?


I’m experiencing the same issue. Any updates or advice on how to work around this?


Thanks for your patience and please check out this post with the update.

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