Twitter follow buttons not showing in website browsers various


My twitter follow button are not showing in various websites, please help
This is the code I have

Follow @twitterapi

Your browser does not support Javascript, please tweet using the link

the website url is

I changed the doc type to html but it still does not work.


When it’s not displaying, are you loading the button from a web server or from your local filesystem?


I can’t get the icon to load on our website either.


Hi Thanks for responding, it is on a web server.


Hi I pasted this code below on my website but Using Firefox version16.0.2, I can only see the logo “bird” but not the “Follow” text next to the bird icon ( I can just about see the vertical line of the “F” in “Follow”)

Looks OK & works OK in IE
shows up just as text on Safari. No Icon of the bird

Pasted on which is a simple HTML coded site…any help?

Follow @bodyveda


follow not showing in my twitter