Twitter Follow Button displaying as plain text


I am using the Embed Code Generator to embed a Follow Button, but when I add the code to my website the link does not display as a button, but rather as plain text. What could be happening to cause this to not work?

I am using Sharepoint 2010 as a content management system.


The generated follow button HTML includes two pieces: a link to a profile page; JavaScript loaded onto the page to render the full follow button graphics, load a window when clicked, and log events for your analytics software.

It seems like the JavaScript portion of the follow button was not loaded onto your page.

View source on your page. Search for to determine if the HTML code snippet you entered is present on the webpage served to browsers.

Twitter’s widgets JavaScript requires Internet Explorer 9 or higher. If your SharePoint site has a X-UA-Compatible directive instructing Internet Explorer to emulate older versions of Internet Explorer the JavaScript may not load.