Twitter follow button 404s for ''


Hello Dev team!

I am getting intermittent 404s when loading the follow button using the iframe way with it’s src set to, for example: “

I even tried the JS way by using the widgets.js, but that too in the end loads the iframe pointing to the same src as above and the issue persists.

It is an issue that I have only noticed in the last few days. It seems intermittent and random at times. Any idea how I could solve this? Is this a known issue already?

– Yash


Thanks for reporting. We have not noticed issues with our static assets returning 404. Can you provide a sample on jsfiddle or jsbin? Also, when you notice a url returning a 404, can you share the entire url here?


I am creating an iframe as shown at with the src set to //’ + + ‘&show_screen_name=false&show_count=false’

this is the error I see in the console


That looks more like a network issue. Is that even a 404? Looks like your browser is unable to resolve the host. Perhaps a DNS issue

I could not reproduce your issue. Here’s my jsbin:,output


Thanks @indianburger. Probably a DNS issue then.