Twitter feed works on Firefox but not chrome


I have finally got this feed working after playing around due to HTTPS/ssl issues.

Now the problem is it doesn’t seem to be working in chrome, when I view it in Firefox all is fine the URL is

If you scroll down half way you will see a blank box next to the FB feed, but if I click on the dark blue header with the twitter bird on it, I get directed to Twitter, If I push the browser back button it then appears. I am literally lost on how I suppose to fix this? I do not get any error console errors in the browser what so ever?!?! maybe it’s my version of chrome?

I have cleared my cache, tried what others had suggested regarding AVAST Plugin again nothing seemed to of worked i.e to get this to show first time when the page is requested?

Can someone/ people check the above URL on there version of chrome?


Can some take a look on there version of chrome and see if it works?


For some reason the iFrame containing the Tweets is not being rendered in Chrome. I suspect one of the Javascript events is not being fired correctly, but I couldn’t say exactly what is going on there.


@andypiper I’ve spent the hole day going through this, I had some errors in the console log which I have now cleaned up yet the twitter feed does not want to show?

Embedded timeline issue

I am having this same issue, but it doesn’t work in any browser… It just displays @tweetsbyKmonsees

I am getting error message: [Error] TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘s[a]=e’) (widgets.js, line 1)


Can you share the embed code you’re using?


@CodeRatchet The issue is because the parent of the timeline embed code is changing. Once an iframe renders, you cannot move the ancestors of the iframe; if you do, then the contents of the iframe will be obliterated (this is what happens in Chrome). My guess is some sort of timing issues with your DOM modifying code that does it sooner in Firefox so the iframe contents don’t get obliterated. In your html a.twitter-timeline has parent div.twitterWidget, but after render there are other elements wrapping a.twitter-timeline (e.g. div.m_CSB_2). If you want this sort of dynamic wrapping, you should use the factory api to generate timelines after you finish your wrapping code.

@kmonsees Please start another thread. I don’t think your issue is related to this thread here.