Twitter feed time is showing in Spanish


We are finishing up a website and all of a sudden the time stamp that would normally say something like “37 minutes ago” is showing up in Spanish. Any thoughts as to why this is happening?


What exactly is rendering tweets in this integration? Are you using a widget? Embedded tweets? Rendering tweets yourself?


I’m using this:

$twitter_feed_url = “$username.xml?count=1”;
$feed_buffer = file_get_contents($twitter_feed_url);

Then outputting the returned xml into a nice tidy little display. You can see what I’m talking about if you go to


It’s probably not Twitter causing this for you – we report times in UTC within the tweets themselves – anything that’s translating that to a relative time “37 minutes ago” is some other code than what’s emitted from that API URL.

Also, good to note that the API URL format you’re using is deprecated and won’t work very much longer… you should use$username.xml instead.

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