Twitter feed stopped working on Wordpress website



My twitter feed suddenly stopped working on my Wordpress website two weeks ago. It was running along smoothly until that point, and no changes were made in the dashboard.

I want to know how to re-establish the twitter feed.

Originally my web designer placed the twitter feed code inside a ‘text’ widget on my :

and placed in the sidebar, which was working fine for three years.

What solutions do I need to look at to get the feed running on my site again?



What’s not working? Do you see a link, but no widget?


Hi Niall,

No, the link has been placed inside a text widget and was previously showing my twitter feed until two weeks ago. The link put there is

<div id="tweets"><div>

On my homepage - - The recent tweets would be listed under the Latest Tweets heading but on this and every web page the feed is not showing up anymore.


Hi Niall,

Have you been able to check out my website to see what my twitter feed issue looks like? And if there are options to fix it?

I’m still cannot find why it stopped displaying my tweets.



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