Twitter feed on website


Our Twitter stream seems to have stopped working today on our website: We have checked with our ISP and there is nothing blocking it from their end. Can you confirm whether there is a problem at your end?


Same as above at We use this to notify people of weather cancellations. This is twice in two weeks it has failed us! Nothing different on our end. Please help/fix!


Look in the top of the page :), I’m assuming you don’t use the new Twitter 1.1 API


They updated their API which broke the feed and you need to authenticate yourself now…If I am not mistaken, they have done away with Widgets and now you have to use embedded timelines (you are able to customize them though)



you like i like :slight_smile:


All sorted now. Thanks


Here’s an idea: There’s this service called Twitter they could use to alert everyone of the change so we’re not all scrambling to figure this out! It’s a pretty cool service that allows you to text up to 140 characters at a time to an unlimited # of followers. They could even have an address like @support or something that we could all follow to get the latest information and keep things running as usual…


How do i apply for the authentication code for the new version of twitter api.i have a web application that displays twitter mentions of particular companies but has not been working for days now.Have tried the new get url but i get this error
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]}
Kindly assist


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