Twitter feed on website not working


Well, since about a week the tweet feed on our website isn’t working properly. I’ve tried refreshing the code by copy-pasting it from our Twitter-account and uploading the site again, but that didn’t help. I tried placing the placeholder on another page, didn’t work either. Our site is at The feed is supposed to be on the lower right side of the first page you see. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you!



The timeline renders and then the contents get blown away. This usually happens if the DOM above the rendered twitter timeine iframe is moved or deleted.

In this case the timeline renders, and then I think this piece of code recreates the HTML by using innerHTML. This effectively deletes the twitter iframe and recreates it. Due to browser iframe restrictions, the timeline iframe contents get deleted after this action.

if (f && o.innerHTML)
o.innerHTML = o.innerHTML;

I was able to reproduce with this jsfiddle: (edit with your widget id)

I would recommend changing the javascript code so that this innerHTML code is not applied on any parent of twitter iframe. You could move the twitter embed html outside the divs where this innerHTML code gets applied.

Hope this helps