Twitter # feed not working



Apologies if this is the wrong place for this question … I have a twitter hashtag feed that’s not working. I used the widget to create it and when I tried to put it on my page none of the tagged tweets show up for some reason however when I click on the link to see it in Twitter I can see all of the related tweets. Any ideas as to what’s causing this?


Hi there! Our embedded search timeline uses the public search API, which only indexes against recent Tweets published in the last 7 days. To get around this constraint, you can try:

  1. Use Twitter advanced search to tune your query used in the embed;
  2. Use the more advanced Twitter Search API and devise your own code to render the search results;
  3. Switch over to single Tweets embed if you’d like to manually curate a few tweets for embed.

Hope that’s helpful!


Ah-ha! Interestingly enough I had submitted a test tweet a few days ago
and then deleted it so of course nothing was showing up as everything was
at least 7 days old.

Thanks so much for responding. I really appreciate it!


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