Twitter Feed not respecting screen name




We are using twitter provided JS to embed a feed into a website - it’s an events website with lots of different performers, each of whom have a twitter feed from their account on their event page.
It has been working fine up until today - I don’t believe we have changed anything. We are using the following code to create the feed panel:
$(’.social-feeds .twitter’)[0],
screenName: screenName,
tweetLimit: 4,
chrome: “nofooter”

Any thoughts on why it is only showing the default twitter account feed?

Have a look at

Thanks in advance,


In case anyone is interested, I set up a fix using the twitter embed code - as it appeared we were doing nothing wrong. Then when I was happy with the fix and was ready to deploy, it somehow righted itself. Thanks very much Twitter - this hasn’t been a waste of time at all


Apologies - we had an issue with a deploy of our widget code and that caused some strange behaviour on some sites, including duplicated widgets and some other unintended results. We’re really sorry that you had to spend additional time on this.