Twitter Feed no longer working



I’ve been using some code that shows the latest tweet made from an account. The code is NOT the Twitter Widget code. I noticed that on Friday 12th October all the feeds I’ve implmented using the code stopped working.

Here’s my website that shows the empty twitter feed box:

Can anyone help? I really don’t want to use the twitter widget as it’s too wide.





We are having the same issue, that also started on Friday. On our website, we show the latest tweet and since Friday is has shown “loading”. Any suggestions to get this back up and running?

Much appreciated,


Having the same problem recently. My website:


Mine’s gone, too. From what the useless dorks on the Blogger help say, it seems the only thing that is acceptable now is the Twitter widget.

Mind you the best of luck if you can create it! All I get is the ‘Something is technically wrong’ page!


I figured out the solution! At least for those using the blogger.js method. A few days ago they updated the API, so what used to be:

is now:

I hope this helps some of you!


Hi there,

I’ve fixed the problem on my sites with the new code I found on this forum:

By the sounds of it, this will only work until March 2013 though.




Same issue. this solved it. thanks!


Thank you @jeffbond_ – you rock! I used your comment re: changed script and my site is fixed! Been researching for hours! thanks a bunch!


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